Accent Reduction Training

The need to attain proficient in speech eloquence has become a very important skill to business and personal life, becoming a key component of most organisation's overall potentials. Organisation and individuals are fast realizing the need to achieve communication competence, thus the need to get hand on training become important Being at the forefront of speech eloquence training in Nigeria, our speech eloquence training which is facilitated by outstanding instructors is a practical training designed to empower individual and corporate staff improve their communication competence The training is design to provide a detailed practical introduction to speech sounds and how its aid effective and standard pronunciation of the English words Exercise are given throughout the training to offers practical guidance and enable participants leave with a solid hands on experience that they can implement in their daily conversation.

Who can attend the Training

The training is ideal for individuals or corporate staff such as professionals, managers, sales executives, celebrities, politicians, pastors/preachers, motivational speakers, front Desk staff, team leaders, teachers, students and job interview candidates.e.t.c


The training is ideal, if you want to :

  1. Gain proficiency in English pronunciation
  2. Maximize your speaking opportunities
  3. Gain confidence when speaking in public
  4. Develop your speaking skills
  5. Enhance your career prospects
  6. Deliver well-received speeches
  7. Reduce mother tongue interference in your speech.

We believe how you say it is as important as what you want to say.

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Accent Reduction Training

Everyone in Lagos

Organisation and individuals are fast realizing the need to achieve competency in their communication skill and the need to get hand on training become very important. Our training is designed to help individuals and corporate organisation staff improve in their communication skill.

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Kids Code Camp


Let your pupils/students get hand on global relevant skill this summer with our code camp training that will help them master the use of scratch, HTML, CSS and Python.

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Phonics and Diction Teachers' Training.

Effective communication is a key factor in both organisation setting and non organisational setting. And school setting been a fountain of knowledge, we believe that for a it to cultivate an enviable speaking culture,teacher must be trained as they have a strong influence on their pupils/students.

Mobile App Development for Kids

It is a three months mobile App Development Training for kids from age seven and above. They will learn to develop mobile app that will work directly on their mobile phone.


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