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Zeediel is an educational consulting firm situated in Lagos Nigeria.
we believe that the next generation of the world class professional needs the right skill, manner, and exposure to nurture their talent. And for us, we are committed to help your pupils/students achieve excellence in global relevant skill.

We create an avenue that will inspire and encourage the children to think, create and act.

An Accent and Diction Training coach that will help you achieve proficient in your spoken English. So with our training you will get the skill to speak and stand out no matter your background.

Phonics/Diction Training

Our program is a special weekly training for pupils/students in schools from nursery through primary and secondary classes, helping them attain self dependence in reading and also training them toward the attainment of standard pronunciation and intonation in their spoken English.

Code Club

To transform the educational system will entail changing the Nigeria’s primary and secondary school learning practice and culture from memory based learning to an education that stimulates thinking and creativity. Our Code Club is a computer programming class, where pupils/students are trained to be master in the use of Scratch, App inventor, Html/CSS, Python and Robotic.

Accent and Diction Training

Helping individual and corporate staff improve their communication competence. We provide detailed and practical speech training that aid effective use of standard pronunciation and eloquence in our client's spoken English.


With the wide gap in technological advancement and innovation with the developed countries, couple with the reality of our time that technology is fast taking over every aspect of human life catching up with us fast as a country with little or less policies to equip and prepare the generation for the evolving change.
we bridge the gap through our weekend coding training.

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Code Club


Accent Training



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Accent Reduction Training

Everyday in Lagos

Organisation and individuals are fast realizing the need to achieve competency in their communication skill and the need to get hand on training become very important. Our training is designed to help individuals and corporate organisation staff improve in their communication skill..

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Kids Code Camp


Let your pupils/students get hand on global relevant skill this summer with our code camp training that will help them master the use of scratch, HTML, CSS and Python.

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Phonics and Diction Teachers' Training.

Effective communication is a key factor in both organisation setting and non organisational setting. And school setting been a fountain of knowledge, we believe that for a it to cultivate an enviable speaking culture,teacher must be trained as they have a strong influence on their pupils/students.

Mobile App Development for Kids

It is a three months mobile App Development Training for kids from age seven and above. They will learn to develop mobile app that will work directly on their mobile phone.


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