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To transform the educational system will entail changing the Nigeria’s primary and secondary school learning practice and culture from memory based learning to an education that stimulates thinking and creativity. In this millennium, students need to keep a breast with advancement in ICT as well as being competitive and relevant.


The code camp class is aimed at imparting skills and establishing a benchmark in IT education for students in Nigerian primary and secondary schools. The classes will contain courses with the objectives of breeding world class students from Nigeria primary and secondary schools who can compete with their counterparts worldwide in the area of Information Technology.

How the Code Club works

Curriculum is tailor for classroom and after school club use. It includes programming tools and activity packs which cover the following programming languages:

  1. The Scratch class

    The class immerses students into using scratch as a vehicle for guiding primary school pupils towards a effective understanding of programming, mathematics, art, technology and engineering principles. The students will build their animation story, games etc using scratch

  2. The App Inventor class

    Children also learn to use the Drag and drop instruction to build Apps that will work directly on mobile phone. it helps them to understand the concept behind the creation of mobile App that the have been relating with on their phone.

  3. The HTML/CSS class

    It is a fact that any kind of programming will be incomplete if the basic HTML and CSS code will not be inserted into it. Both of them are essential and important part of any website. Pupils/students will be introduced to these important and effective programming languages.

  4. The Python Class

    Python is a programming language that is remarkably easy to learn. It is widely used, including by a number of big companies like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, yahoo!, Nokia etc. At the code camp, students will learn how to code using python.

  5. The Robotic class

    Learning Robotics is a fascinating part of science. The projects will be in several parts in which each is either addressing certain problems, challenges, engineering skills and other transferable skills for kids.


We create an avenue that will inspire and encourage the children to think, create and act.

Code It

Our Goal


The courses have been structured with practical depths which guarantee that the students will be able to defend and apply what the training is all about. The program has been structured well to avoid conflict of instructional period with the schools’ academic curriculum.


The computer laboratory should be fully equipped with computers, a projector and regular power supply

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